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Mortgage Broker in Mississauga, Ontario

David has been licensed in the province of Ontario as a mortgage broker since 1989. It took him 20 years to understand how the money game is played. Banks are not in the charitable business.

Most consumers are looking for the lowest possible interest rate from a mortgage broker. What they fail to see is that cheap is not always good, good is not always cheap. Very few consumers would ask to see the fine print, which is known as the “Standard Charge Term”. This fine print is what enables the lending institutions to offer low interest rate and be able to make more money by charging high penalties. The proof is very simple. Ask yourself these questions? Did I get a mortgage based on my needs? Am I better off now with my finances? Will my finances improve in the near future because of my discount mortgage? If the answers are NO, You need to take a serious look at your finances.

We choose to listen to our needs and wants first before we can offer a solution. We developed a system called the “Four Steps to Financial Peace”.

  1. Formula a plan
  2. Manageable Cash flow
  3. Systematically UnMortgage
  4. Build Financial Freedom

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